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  1. You will be re-directed to SBI ePay Payment Gateway from which you can pay this amount using ”Net Banking” ‚ ”Credit Card” ‚ ”Debit Card” options available on ePayment Gateway.
  2. In Corporate Account - Net Banking Maker - Checker Scenario, Checker has to ensure to "Check and Approve" transaction within 20 minutes post initiating the transaction to ensure successful transaction. Failing to which, the transaction will be treated as Failed. For further inquiry/ refund please contact SBI ePay
  3. REFUND (Scenarios and Process)
    1. As stated in detailed T&C, the paid fee does not in any way guarantee issuance of services and the fees paid is not eligible for refund or chargeback in any case.
    2. When a candidate makes double payment by mistake, the refund (part/ full) may be considered, as the Authority may decide, subject to
    • The user bring it to the notice of the GUJRERA authority by email within 7 days of making such payment. Any request beyond 7 days will not be entertained.
    • The email should be sent to fo-rera@gujarat.gov.in with subject line clearly mentioning "Request for Refund" words along with other details of the transaction.
    1. The refund process (in case of double payment by mistake only), via the same source of payments made in such cases, will be initiated in 3 to 5 working days after receiving the refund request and due decision about the refund amount is taken by the GUJRERA Authority.
    2. In case of auto-refund (when the amount does not reach GUJRERA Account), the time taken for credit depends on bank and varies from bank to bank and GUJRERA has no control over it. Hence, one may contact the respective bank for such transactions.
     I agree to all Terms and Condition defined by GUJRERA For using Online Payment Gateway Facility using this Portal. The detailed T&C can be found ”Terms & Conditions” Section on this website. Please accept Terms and Conditions.